My trek to Everest begins tomorrow!

I leave tomorrow morning first thing for Lukla, and the beginning of a hike in the Khumbu region of Nepal. I'm going by myself, with just a guide and a porter. The company that's taking care of me is Kim Bannister of Kamzang in cooperation with Doma Sherpa and her husband Lhakpa Sherpa of Khumbu Adventures. I am doing a variation on the "Everest High Passes" trek you can find here (mine is shorter). The highest altitude is over 5,600 meters, or 18,000 feet. I am so excited ... except for the waking up tomorrow at 0400!

I will sign off now so I can finish packing - but I'll leave you with a few images from today, taken as I did some final errands. Hover over each for a caption.

This delightful statue, and the flags behind him, are what remains of the festival of Tihar which ended yesterday.
These small three-wheeled vehicles, known as a