Walking through Kathmandu

On Saturday I took a walk from Durbar Square to Thamel. I'm normally pretty good with directions, but when all the signs are in Nepali and the streets wind like they do in old cities, everyone gets lost. I was no exception but I have to say, if there's a more delightful city to get lost in than central Kathmandu, I've not seen it!

It was absolutely heaving with people - most of whom were wont to look at me  (given that I seem to be about twice the size of most Nepali, this is understandable). Teenage girls added giggling to looking; imagine how this would have made us all feel as teenagers...

Interesting trivia: the world's shortest person is Nepali: Chandra Bahadur Dangi.

Here are a few images from that walk. 

Notice all the smiling faces. This is the normal expression for Nepali people.
Tihar is one of the big festivals of Nepal; the city becomes garlanded with the flower garlands you see on sale here.
Saturday is the weekend in Nepal - and as you can see, just like everywhere else in the world, it brings everyone into the street.