Mental Stamina, High Places, and Homesickness

This is the first time I have ventured alone into the world’s highest mountains, and it is a revelation in every way, an incredible experience I wouldn’t trade, but being so far from my loved ones especially when the connectivity is a challenge means that I have some very homesick moments. It is especially tough on days when I cannot talk to my husband at all, which has happened more than a few times. Last night was the low-point of my entire trip, my stomach was bothering me slightly (something at lunch left swiftly) I felt the altitude, generally just didn’t feel that well, and thought, bloody hell, I am at the end of the world, and I still won’t be home for three weeks! My Nepali host sensed I was not in a great place as did Tashi my guide and with a few kind words and gestures really helped cheer me up.

Fortunately, too, my mobile worked here for a good while and I did get to speak to Enrique (and get a bit weepy even!) which also helped. He keeps sending these wonderful photos of himself and our cats from home too. (He's a really great artist, by the way, you can see his work online here.)