To Dingboche!

After two extra days in Pangboche due to the head-cold I caught we returned to the trail today for a short, 2 1/2 hour hike up to Dingboche. With each day, Everest and Lhotse get closer and the terrain gets more awe-inspiring!

We are now firmly into the Alpine zone - there are no more trees, but believe it or not, a lot of the scrub that's covering the ground is actually incense! In spring when it is blooming apparently the whole area smells of it, can you imagine? There are also large numbers of white rhododendron, not blooming now of course but what a combination, white rhododendron blossoms and incense. I really must come back in spring!

I am still recovering from the cold - it has definitely sapped my energy; it was tough getting up here but it felt really good at the same time. Tomorrow we go to Lobuche - ever higher!