I catch a cold

With all this wonderful and uplifting news there is one small dark spot - the wind and cold of the trek from Namche Bazaar to Pheriche has left me with a head cold. I don’t feel very rough, just a bit low on energy, but the extra day spent in Pangboche to do filming work for the power appeal video has been good as I haven’t had the exertion of a day trekking which is what is on the plan. I actually feel a bit worse today than I did yesterday despite getting a lot of sleep; I just hope that tomorrow I have turned a corner and we’re able to continue the journey. But you know what? There are far, far worse places in the world to have to spend an extra day or two in than Pangboche!

Everyplace you go in Khumbu is so wonderful it doesn’t matter where I go or how long I stay where. The best things that are happening to me are things I had no thought of coming across, like the power project (I promise that news is really next...) 

I will just roll with my runny nose and see what happens.