Enroute to Nepal

So I'm on my way! I left Bali and arrived in Kuala Lumpur late in the evening of the 26th and made my way to the airport hotel - the flight to Nepal leaves tomorrow morning at 07:45, so I'll be up before the sunrise.

Funny story: I was so tired from the long meeting in Bali that when I came back to my room I actually went to the room before mine in the hallway and used my key. It worked! But, the door had the metal security bar across it that allows the door to open but only slightly. Thinking (in my sleep-deprived state) that I must have closed the door too hard and somehow caused the bar to close I tried using my fingers to move it out of the way - at which point, the lady in bed in the room began yelling at me! I made my quick apologies and scurried next door, opening the door very quietly so she wouldn't know I was her neighbour!

Excepting this issue with the key (!), I  recommend the hotel if you're in-between flights and want a cheap place to stay that's close to the airport. No frills, but convenient, comfortable and affordable.